You Name It, We'll Build It

Establish your digital brand  |  Monitor & track your online reputation  |  Spread accurate business information


Your name is important to you.

You've worked hard to build a brand and everything it represents.  You invest time and resources back into your community, treat customers well, and often go the extra mile. 

But when people go online they can't find you. They don't know your reputation. 

A good name should be easy to find. 82% of local searches online are followed up with a phone call.  

So why is your name and information not visible?  We can help you diagnose and solve that problem - at a price you can afford.  

First, let our team do some digging to see what type of opportunities you have to build your good name online.


(You might be excited to know you'll get a real email, written by a real person who did real research with your results.  No-obligation, really.)



NameSpark Plans

We have developed three packages.  Based on our assessment, or your own understanding of your needs, you should be able to find a good fit for your company.  We are more than happy to help you figure out the best option for your needs - just ask!




One Time Consultation

Custom Digital Dashboard

Google Plus Page

1 Social Media Profile

30 Business Listings

Online Review Monitoring

Light Keyword Research


Monthly Consultation

Custom Digital Dashboard

Google Plus Page

3 Social Media Profile

60 Business Listings

Online Review Monitoring & Building

Detailed Keyword Research

Competition Analysis


Monthly Consultation

Custom Digital Dashboard

Google Plus Page

5 Social Media Profile

80 Business Listings

Online Review Monitoring & Building

 Detailed Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Brand Strategy



If you choose to let us help your business, here's a few cool things we do really well that will help you significantly.


Let's Talk (For Real)

We want to know what makes you unique, special and the best thing since sliced bread.  (Not a text or a chat session - a conversation!) Every NameSpark customer gets consultations with one of our awesome team members so we can understand who you are and what you do.  


Digital Branding

It takes less than 5 seconds for visitors to decide if you are a good fit for their needs, whether they can trust your brand etc.  

They make their decision based on things like your website aesthetics, how long they wait for your site to load, viewability on mobile devices and a lot of other criteria.  All of our plans enable you to address these needs.


Reviews and Reputation

Your fans love you - but do they share it online?  Do they talk about you to their friends or in their network?  84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation!  One of the most valuable things you can capture are word-of-mouth reviews.  We can help you monitor and build the reputation of your good name online (and weed out the haters).


Social Platforms

No, you don't have to blog, post, pin, tag and tweet everyday... or maybe not at all!  But you certainly don't want other people claiming to be you and hurting your good name.  We can claim the important social platforms and align them with your brand so that your presence is secure, safe and consistent on social platforms.

We will talk together about which (of the 20+ platforms) are best for your business.


Monitor Analytics and Progress

One of the best things you can do is watch and learn... from yourself!  NameSpark creates custom digital dashboards so you can see how your good name is spreading online.  We can also setup a digital dashboard so you can see what website visitors are doing on your site too - which helps you learn how to make your site better.



A Name You Can Trust: NameSpark


Each of our team members has been in the branding, digital marketing and web design business for over a decade.  Our clients annual sales have ranged from thousands to millions... we serve both with equal excellence and results-based outcomes.  We believe you'll be more than satisfied with the outcome for your brand too! 

NameSpark outcomes are guaranteed in 12 months and are based on a year commitment.  You can pay for a year at once for a discount.

The biggest difference?  We do things right so that you don't have to keep paying after 12 months.  We turn everything over to you at the end of the contract so you own everything!  If you want NameSpark to continue to help you monitor things after your contract ends, we would be glad to work out the right pricing solution for your needs.